Route 5 – Bliksempie- aka Garnet se gat(3.2km lap)

You really have to be angry with yourself or someone that like to impress the local riders. With loose rocks from marble size to young boulders this is a trail that will test your core strength and stamina. The first 2.1 km have a ascent of 130m. Very technical and the perfect trail to hone your bike skills. 3Laps = 390m ascent over 9.7km – KILLER!!! 

Type off trail 0% – 100% Additional info
Tar Road 2% R34 Memel rd
Jeep track 49% steep with loose rocks
Single Track  49%  steep with loose rocks
Difficulty Level Easy 9/10 Great track for the novice Rider. Quite a fast circuit
Safety 07/10 Surrounded by residential area  and in the open.
Duration  for        3  LAPS Novice rider            2 h Average rider      1.5hrs Advanced
Short Description Very technical climbing route. Include single track ,see if you can complete 3 laps
Who should Ride it Advanced riders , and anyone that would like to improve the off road skills
Permission  Own Risk – Public terrain

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