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Pre owned Scale  –  What is my bike condition !

10 – New, have never been used

9 – Mint condition, not really been used  but could still pass for new (owner is not a cyclist or it is a must sell) Virtually no marks to identify as second-hand. No scuff & wear marks

8 – Very Good Condition, got maybe one or two scratches but  mostly wear marks on the chain stay and crank arms

7 – Great Condition , been around the block a few times but generally well looked after

6 – Good Condition, probably 4 years +  old , been used quite a lot but well looked after

5 – am still a good buy , getting bit outdated with regard to technology, will need maintenance , great option for novice

4 – Okay condition , need maintenance

3 – Not in a good condition , need attention probably mayor service

2 – Well used/ damaged. I am of more use for the spare parts on me

1 – AFU –  All Finished up

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According to our Pre-own scale ABOVE how would your rate your bike

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