Route 6 – Endurance Ride – Normandien Pass 150km

This is a BIG RIDE!!!   The ride goes up Normandien pass and follows the Roodepoort road into the Free state. Close to Memel it turns towards Sneewberg(Kranskop) and descents down Donkeys Pass into Vulintaba Estate. A proper endurance ride, 150 km with just over 2600m ascent. A ride up Normandien pass 770m climb over approx 13 km with very steep sections inbetween. The ride makes for great countryside scenery. 103 km into the trail a second steep climb is encountered 300m ascent in 6km. At sneewberg take a break and have a look at the hole on on the mountain. Donkeys pass is a hard core descent yip, 400m over 3.7km . And if you dont have them – Grow a pair. Conquer the first 1.5km  and join onto the Black route of Vulintaba Estate. The final 20km is tar road.

Water refill points:

  • Normandien Police station – approx 55km from start
  • 1km past  the police station there is a jojo tank on the right(airport) and 500m on the left next to the road
  • Mostly streams , pending on the season
  • On the Roodepoort gavel road at the RED SHED there is a tap
  • Bottom of Sneeuberg- there is a STONE farm house on the right , there is a borehole at the back
  • Bottom of Donkeys pass – Vulentaba Clubhouse
Type off trail 0% – 100% Additional info
Tar Road 35% Ride to Normandie pass Via D96
Gravel 45% Abundance of short steep climbs,road in a very good condition
Jeep track 15% Old Farm track
Single Track 5% down Donkeys pass, only for the brave
Difficulty Level  8/10 Difficult Trail include a nasty but do-able climb of 363m over  5km and a dangerous decent down Donkey’s pass
Safety 08/10 Quite back roads to neighbouring towns, low traffic volume.
Ascent 2600m One climb of 770m over 13km
Duration Novice rider   Not Recommended

Average rider     Not Recommended

Advanced  Rider      Approx 8-9 hrs
Short Description Leave town on the D96
Who should Ride it Quite a hard ride not recommended for the average Joe- 2 steep climbs will test your character.  For a advanced rider a climb and descent to test your character
Permission Includes Private Property – Vulintaba Estate. Ride at own Risk.

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