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The Fulcrum Wind 40C is the true all-rounder, a highly versatile wheelset from the Fulcrum range. A set of racing wheels designed to offer enough comfort and versatility for everyday riding, yet also to be tough enough to cope with all surfaces, and suited to a relatively relaxed group ride.
With enough tread depth to slice through the wind and create a rigid and reactive structure, but low enough to bear weight, the Fulcrum Wind 40C is potent whatever terrain you find yourself riding on. Aerodynamic and stable on long straights, light and agile to take the strain when climbing, and precise yet manageable on any tricky descent. The Wind 40C also features a 17C internal rim width, making it perfect for both 25mm and 28mm clincher tyres.
AC3 Brake Surface
In addition to keeping the Speed family wheels moving smoothly, a great deal of research and development has gone into slowing them down.
A fast wheel is only as good as the control it offers to the rider; the AC3 (All Conditions Carbon Control) brake track technology incorporated into the 40C offers unprecedented braking performance. The new technology incorporates laser treatment on the brake track, which eliminates all traces of resin, and allows pads to brake on a more surefooted and even carbon surface. While braking performance is improved across the board, it’s in wet conditions where the AC3 really excels, cutting stopping distances by more than 30% over previous versions.
  • Rim: Carbon, Clincher 40mm
  • Brake Surface: Carbon, AC3™ Treatment
  • Axle: Quick Release, Aluminum Oversize Flange
  • Freehub: Shimano 10-11
  • Bearings: Standard
  • Spokes: Aero, straight pull
  • Count: 18 Front/21 Rear
  • Includes: Skewers, Carbon Brake Pads