Fulcrum W/SET MTB Red Metal 29XRP

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Application: Marathon, Cross Country, Trail
Wheel Size: 29″
Tyre Type: clincher tyre
Number of Spokes: 24
Brake Type: disc 6-bolt
Freehub Body Compatibility: 9-/10-speed Shimano/SRAM; 11-speed Shimano MTB, 11-speed SRAM NX (PG-1130)

Note: Conversion to 11-/12-speed SRAM XD requires an XD freehub body
Tubeless System: UST

Technical Information – Rim:

Dimensions (ETRTO): 19-622
Inner Width: 19 mm
Outer Width: 23.5 mm
Depth: 23.5 mm
Valve Hole Diameter: presta (6.5 mm)
Material: aluminium

Technical Information – Front Hub:

Over Locknut Dimension: 9 x 100 mm quick release, convertible into 15 x 100 mm thru-axle
Axle Diameter: 20 mm
Bearings: cup & cone
Body Material: carbon

Technical Information – Rear Hub:

Over Locknut Dimension: 10 x 135 mm quick release or 12 x 135 mm thru-axle, convertible into 12 x 142 mm thru-axle
Axle Diameter: 20 mm
Bearings: cup & cone
Body Material: carbon
Freehub Body Material: titanium

Technical Information – Lacing:

Front Lacing Pattern: 2:1 Two-to-One™
Rear Lacing Pattern: 2:1 Two-to-One™
Spoke Type: aero / straight pull
Spoke Material: stainless steel
Nipple Material: aluminium

Approved For:

Weight Limit: 109 kg total weight*
Recommended Tyre Width: 1.9″ – 2.5″

* When weighing more than 82 kg (180 lb) shorter inspection intervals are recommended.


– triple milled MTB rim: unique form provides more lateral stiffness, weight reduction removes rotational weight translating into increased performance
– aluminium axles
– aluminium hub flanges
– adjustable bearing system
– reduction of ball-bearing play, increased smoothness, reduction of weight and greater efficiency over time
– 16 spokes front left and 8 right, 8 spokes rear left and 16 right
– quick release: skewer and cam made of steel, lever and nut made of aluminium


A magnet and lots of ingenuity. This was what led to the patent for the well-tested “Mounting Magnet” system, or MoMag™. How does it work? The nipples, once inserted inside the rim via the valve hole, are “guided” to the point of connection with the spoke by means of the magnet. This simple but ingenious system makes it possible to have wheels without holes on the upper bridge, but with spokes tensioned by traditional nipples! The advantages: No holes on the rim means that the rim is uniform at every point, free from stress points or zones of weakness and, for the clincher profiles no rim tape is required, to the benefit of weight reduction. The advantages are immediately clear: greater rim lifetime, greater resistance to fatigue, the possibility to give the spokes greater tension, and greater stiffness which, in terms of performance, mean greater reactivity and acceleration. And not only that. The advantages make it extremely easy to work on and change spokes. Everything for the cyclist that chooses Fulcrum.

Cup & Cone
The cup-and-cone bearing differs from the classic cartridge bearing because it works in perfect alignment with the forces involved, weight and thrust from the frame, as the bearings run in a race positioned directly opposing these forces.

Carbon Hubs
In line with their aim to save every possible gram of weight and to choose the most advanced technological solutions, the R&D department has developed a seamless carbon hub.
The fibre selected is woven at 90 degrees, for enhanced balance of torque when pedaling.

2:1 Two-to-One™
When you push on the pedals, the rotational force on the sprocket induces a slackening of the freewheel spokes with a consequent loss of rim tension. This results in undesirable flex of the whole wheel and an unavoidable loss of energy. Fulcrum has solved this classic cycling problem with its 2:1 Two-to-One™ Spoke Ratio patent, by doubling the spokes in the critical zones. As a result there are two spokes which carry out the function of one, slackening and torsion are limited and the transfer of the athlete’s power is much more effective. Also, thanks to this system, spoke tensions are balanced more evenly between drive and non-drive sides and the fatigue life of the rim, hub and spokes is lengthened.

Anti Rotation System™
This system raises the concept of spoking to a new level of performance for road bike and triathlon wheels. The Fulcrum engineers have redesigned the spokes and the hub housings to create a solid and unmoveable whole. The result is that the spokes a) will never lose their initial tension, thus keeping the wheel perfectly reactive and centred b) will remain in the position that have been studied in the wind tunnel tests to ensure the best aerodynamic penetration possible.

Colour Index:

– Rims: black with red and white decals
– Hubs: black with red flanges
– Spokes: black
– Nipples: red

Size Guide:

29″ set ( front+rear ):
– front: 9 x 100 mm quick release, convertible into 15 x 100 mm thru-axle
– rear: 10 x 135 mm quick release
– Factory Number: RM9-13DFRB

29″ set ( front+rear X-12 ):
– front: 9 x 100 mm quick release, convertible into 15 x 100 mm thru-axle
– rear: 12 x 135 mm thru-axle, convertible into 12 x 142 mm thru-axle
– Factory Number: RM9-13DFRB52


– 1 x Fulcrum Red Metal XRP 29 wheelset (front and rear wheel)
– 2 x quick releases (version 29″ set ( front+rear )) or 1 x quick releases (version 29″ set ( front+rear X-12 ))
– 1 x 15 mm conversion kit
– 1 x 12 x 142 mm conversion kit (version 29″ set ( front+rear X-12 ) only)
– 2 x tubeless valves

Additional information

Hub Configuration

fQR/HH15 r QR, fQR/HH15 + R HH12/135XD, fQR/HH15 + R HH12/135, fQR/HH15 +r QR -AFS