Rapstrapz Tube Mount

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The RapStrapz Tube Strap mounts anywhere on the top tube as a solution to keep excess gear together or to carry an extra water bottle. You can easily mount a light jacket, arm warmers and more. Gone are the days of having to stuff your pockets with your extra items.


The Rapstrapz Tube Strap is specifically designed to mount on your bicycles top tube and to carry an extra water bottle or gear. It can be used on your road, mountain or gravel bike.You can carry: an extra water bottle, light rain jacket, gloves, arm warmers and more.

How to use your Rapstrapz Tube Strap:

  1. Open your strap fully and lay flat with the square non slip rubber side facing upwards.
  2. Place your water bottle or rain jacket over the non slip strip and pull the shock cords over the desired gear to hold it securely in place.
  3. Strap your Rapstrapz Tube Strap to the top tube of your bike by placing it rubber side down.
  4. Feed the loose end through the buckle and pull down firmly to secure it in place.The Rapstrapz is durable as it is made from heavy duty webbing, our straps can take the abuse from the elements. Reliability is key and as such we have used only the finest fastners to make sure your strap keeps your gear in place. Your bottle and gear will be secure with our non slip industrial grade silicone that makes sure that things are tied down where they belong.Additional information can be found here