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  • Featuring a large, sharp display, the Macro GPS is packed with many advanced technologies in an easy-to-use and affordable package.
  • The Bluetooth enabled device can pair through our free Lezyne Ally V2 app to iOS and Android handhelds, in addition to Bluetooth compatible power meters, heart rate monitors and speed/cadence sensors.
  • When connected to a handheld, the Macro GPS provides turn-by-turn navigation, live tracking and Strava Live Segments.
  • Furthermore, the unit has pop-up phone call and message notifications.
  • An optimized GPS recording system tracks all important cycling data, and a customizable screen with up to five pages lets the user see all the info they want to see.
  • And a battery that last up to 22 hours provides plenty of juice for all-day epics.
  • Colors: Black
  • Weight: 76g
  • Runtime: 22 hours
  • Memory: 100 hours max
  • Dimensions: Computer 42.9mm (W) x 67.8mm (L) x 27.5mm (H) & Screen: 31.7mm (W) x 40.1mm (L)                                      Description
    • Optimized, easy to read display with backlight
    • Durable, compact composite construction
    • Optimized GPS data recording system
    • Programmable multi-bike support
    • Bluetooth Smart connectivity
    • Multiple real-time features when paired to the Lezyne Ally app
    • Intuitive four button operation
    • Lithium polymer battery provides up to 22 hours of runtime
    • Micro USB rechargeable
    • Stores up to 100 hours of ride data
    • Customizable fields and page count
    • Custom alerts and auto presets
    • Extremely weather resistant
    • Includes X-Lock Standard Mount
    • Receive phone call notifications and messages from many popular apps when connected to compatible iOS and Android devices
    • Sync rides via Bluetooth Smart to the Lezyne Ally V2 phone app
    • Customize and change settings of the device through the Lezyne Ally V2 app
    • Auto sync rides with Strava through the Lezyne Ally V2 app and Root website
    • Instant download of ride files (.fit) via plug-and-play flash drive technology (Windows/Mac) and upload directly to GPS Root website for ride analysis
    • Compatible with third-party sites like Strava and TrainingPeaks
    • Pairs with Bluetooth Smart enabled heart rate monitors, cadence/speed sensors and power meters
    • Live tracking and Strava Live Segments
    • Turn-by-turn navigation
    • Turn-by-turn navigation
    • Live Tracking and Strava Live Segments
    • Heart Rate*: Current, Average, Max.
    • Cadence*: Current, Average
    • Power* (6 data display options)
    • Speed: Current, Average, Max.
    • Distance: Current, Trip Total, Trip 2, Odometer
    • Time: Ride Time, Clock
    • Date
    • Laps and lap averages
    • Elevation: Ascent, Descent, Current
    • Calories
    • Temperature
    • GPS signal strength
    • Battery life indicator for device and paired peripherals
    • Connected devices icons
    • Bread crumb trail page