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BH RDX 1.1 Spinning Bike

Welcome to the future! The RDX 1.1 has a modern and striking design combined with a flywheel of 20Kg that allows high intensity training sessions at home.

BH RDX 1.1 is a spinning bike defined by its new and innovative design, the flywheel being at the rear, a feature developed with the aim of avoiding the direct fall of sweat onto the flywheel, preventing its early wear. It is made with the best materials on the market to achieve a reinforced design, easy to transport, light, but, above all, strong and durable.

The bike is really quiet due to its transmission with a Poly-V belt you will be able to feel that the pedals move smoothly even at the highest resistance level. The pedals have a non-slip base and an adjustable strap in resistant plastic to prevent the foot from slipping when training.

Both the saddle (prostatic) and the handlebar have an ergonomic design and both can be manually manipulated by the user to follow the correct and most comfortable position for him. Among the adjustment options you can find several levels both horizontally and vertically for the handlebar and the saddle.

On the other hand, BH RDX 1.1 seeks to perfect the experience to the maximum, making it as realistic as possible with its friction brake. In addition, under the handlebar we can find a small lever (easy to handle) to increase or decrease the intensity of the exercise without having to stop at any time.