New Mtb Trails

Would you like your trail posted ?   We only post local trails in the district. To get your trails posted

To post a trail the following information is required:

  • Trail in file format either GPX or KML format.
  • Info on water refill points on the route
  • Give us a short writeup on this trail
  • Other interesting scenery
  • Above info must be  accompanied with the info on the table below


Type off trail 0 – 100 Additional info
Tar Road
Jeep track
Single Track
Difficulty Level  rating out of 10
Safety  rating out of 10
Ascent         m
Duration Novice rider ? hr + Average rider?+ hr Advanced ? hrs
Short Description
Who should Ride it
Permission State whether is it private property  or public roads and whether approval is required – Cycle at own Risk!!