Bulk Entry Race Entry Page

Do a bulk entry for your club or group and get a discount for your members.

There is a MINIMUM  of 10 entries to qualify for the discounted entry fee   

Download the form below  and complete. 

FORM Fields in RED must be completed. 

  • The club chairperson or designated person who submit this form is responsible for completing and submitting the correct information.
  • Any entry that has not completed as with regard to the required fields will be OMITTED from the entrants list. It is the person who submit the form’s responsibility to make sure required info is provided on the form!
  • The form must be e-mailed, printed and handed in at Triathlon Cycles. 
  • The printed form must have a signature -acknowledgment of Indemnity- for every entrant and submitted to Triathlon Cycles  
  • For this event the entry form must be handed in no later than the 15th Feb
  • Any entry that is changed with regard to the rider or event entered into will be subjected to pay the difference from a race day entry fee less the entry paid on the bulk entry.