Route 2- Memel to Newcastle (staged as a race in 2014)

Awesome ride out in the country side. This is a ride for the more advanced riders, the average rider can do this ride but will have to push first 1.5 km down donkeys pass.Start the ride by  exiting  Memel on the R34  towards Newcastle on the tar road for approx 1.5km and turn right onto the district road  indicating “Sediba hiking trail”. From here on just stay on the regional. road. As you progress the road becomes more of a jeep track.  Approx 10 km into the ride you will encounter a climb of 190m over 2.2km. Once you have conquered the climb Sneewberg aka Kranskop , will be in sight. Take a break and enjoy the nature, this landscape is peaceful and  quiet. Once you reach Kranskop look back and spot the hole in the cliff edge in the mountain. From here on the ride is just jeep track and becomes more and more rugged. Once you reach Donkey’s pass Vulintaba Country Estate will be visible at the bottom of the amphitheatre. Descending Donkeys pass you will need to grow a pair. The first 900m is very steep descent of a  145m drop. Novice & average riders should push this stretch

Type off trail 0% – 100% Additional info
Tar Road  40%
Gravel 20% Initially flattish
Jeep track 35% Typical farm track , makes great riding until Donkey’s pass.
Single Track 5%  Enjoy the downhill on the Black route of the Vulintaba Estates mtb track , a definite smile on your face
Difficulty Level  8/10 Difficult The climb is negotiable but the first 900m of Donkeys pass is very steep , enough to give the most advanced riders n proper adrenaline rush
Safety 09/10 If you see any traffic or people on the gravel and jeep track – you are lucky!
Ascent 880m  This  ride will be rather remembered for the descent of Donkeys pass of 434m over 4.5 km
Duration Novice rider       3.5 -4h Average rider              3- 4.0 hr Advanced              2.5hr +
Short Description Exit Memel with Eufees st and form there on farm track
Who should Ride it If you enjoy outdoor nature, then this is it! Great scenery , but rather recommended for advanced riders
Permission Includes Private Property – Stop at the clubhouse and pay a small fee for riding on theirtrack – it is worth it.

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