Route 1- Vryheid Meatmasters 2017 50 km

Riding in Vryheid is always great and something to look forward to.  Their mountain bike trails is top of the range with most of it in the plantations. The trails is tough but will balanced so every one can enjoy it. 

Type off trail 0% – 100% Additional info
Tar Road
Gravel 45% Mostly smooth underfoot
Jeep track 40% Track that you find as boundary roads in plantations
Single Track 15%  Overall smooth in the pine plantations. Can be slippery but great riding
Difficulty Level  6/10 Difficult Hard for the average rider but great fun. A race to come back to every year
Safety 09/10
Ascent 780m
Duration Novice rider        3.5 -4.5h Average rider            3-  3.5 hr Advanced 2hr +
Short Description figure 8 with Bloemveld dam at the centre. Wwell organised and markked
Who should Ride it If you enjoy the small town races , then this is another great race to support! Great scenery , friendly people , well organised
Permission Includes Private Property – Strictly NO RIDING unless pre arranged

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