Route 1 – Ladysmith Geluksburg – Zandspruit Loop 133km

See another side of Ladysmith. Cycling in the rolling foothills of the Drakensberg the trail makes a about turn in the vicinity of Geluksburg and head back to Ladysmith.  This is a great ride for base training.  Route provided by  Morne Moore

Type off trail 0% – 100% Additional info
Tar Road 25% First 20 km is tar then 3km on the pass just outside Geluksburg and then about 5 km to Besters and also about 10km coming back to town
Gravel 70% typical gravel road very nice to ride
Jeeptrack 5% after middledale pas climb when turning right its general farm road until Sanriver valley pass that is slightly technical but anyone can ride it.Make sure to keep left of thew fence.
Single Track n/a
Difficutly Level  5 out       of 10 it is a non technical route but need to be bit fit for it has bit of climbing and is not a short ride
Saftey 07/10 Low traffic & pedestrians- it is a general road for anyone. You might encounter one or two vehicles 2 but generally  quiet but save to ride.
Ascent 1900m  route is just over 130 km but has some awesome views to admire
Duration Novice rider 8hr + Average rider 6-7 hr Advanced 5-6 hrs
Short Description general gravel road and some next to railway.There is a biltong shop at 90km.There is also a little shop at Besters which is 25km to finish
Who should Ride it Anyone wanting to good base training or would like to see other side of Ladysmith
Permission No permission needed to ride- Cycle at own Risk
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